Healthy mothers make for healthier infants

As a Breastfeeding Coach, I help mothers and parents to enjoy their parenting experience during the early months of their infants’ life.

Me and Milou

Me and Milou

About Coach Z

“Breastfeeding should be an enjoyable, nurturing relationship that reaches deep into the heart and creates a bond of love and trust between the child and mother.”  –Coach Z

Coach Z is an executive turned Breastfeeding Coach. She started out as a Spa Consultant in 2001 and was part of the team that set-up the first ‘Oxygenated’ Day Spa in Macau. She also helped set-up the first Pre-Natal Lactation Clinic in the Philippines at the Asian Hospital. Read more

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Coach Z’s tv guesting on Ok si Dok

Watch Coach Z as she shares her story on how she started on her career as a breastfeeding coach. Drawing from a wealth of experience working with moms and encountering all sorts of breastfeeding problems, she imparts invaluable tips and insights on the show’s featured topic.

A Round-up of Great “Firsts” for Me

Lately, or better yet, in the third quarter of this year, yours truly have been very blessed to experience a series of ‘firsts’ in my career as a breastfeeding coach. Here’s a quick round-up of recent events that have been both ‘nerve-wracking’ and exciting for me, to say the least. First Radio Guesting On DZMM […]

What Moms Are Saying

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Mommy Andrea

I’m not stopping my sessions anytime soon! I’ve googled and read tons of articles on breastfeeding, but nothing beats a person you can talk to when the book says a growth spurt can last up to a week but your babies seem to be on a month long growth spurt!

Mommy Andrea
Mommy Madeleine

It was a relief when Zeny helped to latch my baby correctly. I think having lactation sessions have made me enjoy breastfeeding since I learnt different positions, correct latch etc., and l can warmly recommend it.

Mommy Madeleine
Mommy Margie

Zeny was the third lactation specialist I tried but she was the best because I learned so much from her.  She sincerely wanted me to succeed and to not give up on breastfeeding my son, who was my third child but second attempt at breastfeeding (my first attempt was disastrous!).  Coach Zeny personally taught me the different breastfeeding positions (Day and Night feeding) as well as THE PROPER position to feed the baby using propped up pillows (who knew?) so there was no tugging or pulling that usually resulted in painful breastfeeding.

Mommy Margie
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